Need suggestions for removing an instrument from a stereo track

I’m working with a stereo track that has a Cello playing the melody. I need to remove that Cello line. I’ve tried the M/S approach (moderate success). I tried Spectral Layers, using the vocal separator feature. Didn’t work. The plug clearly knows the difference between a human voice and a lead instrument.

Anybody here have a suggestion on how I can get the Cello out of the mix, as it is the ONLY source material?

Only other thing I can think of outside of RX is trying to paint it out in Spectralayers. So if you can see it just draw it out. May be easier said than done.

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Polyphonic Melodyne would be my first call.


Tried both of those. Melodyne cut EVERYTHING with each note. So, I just ended up with pockets of total silence.

I had hoped I could draw it out with Spectral Layers. But I am clearly not adept enough to handle that tool property. What I think is the cello, usually isn’t. That’s why I was praying that the vocal separator would work.

It’s funny, the last time I had a project like this was, maybe 25 years ago. Now, I’ve gotten 2 in one month!:grin: The vocal separator worked great on the 1st one. But THIS one is a real beast!

I’m going to try to exaggerate the EQ on the cello and then flip the phase to see if I can cancel it out.

If anyone has any other suggestions, please chime in! Thanks!:+1:

Try using RipX ( ) it’s the best at this kind of thing. Depending on the recording it can separate individual instruments out within its own editor and alter levels, pitch etc.

There’s a free demo period so you’ve got nothing to lose.

I GOT IT!! I tried Polyphonic Melodyne in Clip mode (vrs. Track Mode) on the Mid/Side Print and was able to remove 98% of the Cello line! :grin: The remaining 2% that I had to keep, in order to keep the surrounding parts, I lowered the volume by 70%. This works beautifully with the new replacement tracks! The blend is fantastic!

Thanks for all your help! :sunglasses: :+1:

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