Need the ability to export clips as EDL

For all my post work, I’m required to output and EDL of the music tracks used so the production and pay the composers for use. Right now to do this in the format they require, you need to export an AAF of the music tracks to Protools, then their feature to do this. This needs to be in Nuendo. You have the track sheet feature, which isn’t of much use here, but from that you have the information you need to produce the EDLs. Seems like it could be something implemented pretty fast. I have to do a lot of these EDLs, and I try to open Protools as little as possible. Thanks.

Several ways to skin that cat.
But just knowing the length of the time of the events isn’t relevant anyway. Composers get payed for seconds used in the mix and not the music placed in the timeline. Most of time the two are not the same.

But the easy way to do what you want is to just copy the music tracks to new tracks but with no automation or plugins just the raw data. Export as AES31. Import the ADL file into excel or word or whatever you want to use. You may have to change the suffix of the adl file for it to be read to csv or txt this depends on what program you use to view the data. The ADL file is just a regular text file.

But yes being able to quickly export them directly as a EDL have other possible uses as well and would be a nice feature i agree

I’ve long thought an integrated cue sheet production tool, however rudimentary, would be a relevant and very helpful feature for Nuendo. Have been asking for it since N2! In fact, it just may be time to ask again.