Need to add V-Window type of control

I have Cubase iC Pro which I rarely use due to having CMC and a SL61 MKii controller, but i will start to use it as my bedroom studio is soon to be my loft studio. More space and the layout I always wanted. Cubase iC Pro is cool and has some great features like customer short cuts BUT have you guys seen V-Control with V-Window?
Steinberg you need to implement this into Cubase iC Pro as its completely brilliant.
Full control and full representation of your pluggins or VST synths. Any window (apparently even non music stuff) on your Ipad with full touch control. Had I have seen this before purchasing Cubase iC Pro I would have went for the V-Control.
In any case the purpose of this is not to advertise another product but to encourage Steinberg to add this feature to Cubase iC Pro.