need to adjust MIDI file to be 2x longer


I have a MIDI file that I’ve imported to Cubase, but we’ve doubled the tempo on it… use to be 90 and now 180. The MIDI file is playing 2x faster now, and I don’t want to have to go through and painstakingly adjust every note.

do you know of any command where I can stretch everything 200% so that it will play slow again?


I’m almost certain you should be able to do this in MIDI ->> Logical Editor if you click in the preset panel and look in the ‘Standard Set 1’ folder there are options for Double/Half Tempo; so I presume selecting your MIDI content and applying either of these MIDI scripts will create the desired effect.

I haven’t used either of them though myself but its likely someone else here has, so perhaps they can advise you further, but in the mean time just have a play (you can always undo) I would imagine its just as simple as selecting the notes you want to affect then applying half tempo ?

*NOTE. Be aware that you would have to extend the length of the original MIDI event (x 2) to allow for the new note positions before applying it!


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Or simply: “sizing applies time stretch” and double the number of bars.

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Extra ways for anyone who might be listening :slight_smile:

You could have also turned the midi track to time-based mode rather than musical mode before adjusting the tempo, then it wouldn’t have changed to follow the new tempo. Switch back to musical mode afterwards. Probably quicker than time-stretching in this instance.

Or, you could simply leave the tempo as it is and set the time signature to 4/2 and then the click will be half speed. TBH, I have some songs at 80bpm and some at 160bpm even though they’re actually similarly paced and I’ve changed the time signature to make the click a sensible pace rather than the bpm… Each to his own on that.


Its been interesting to hear the different ways in which varying C7 user’s might solve this issue (a useful eye opener) :wink: I wonder if the OP will ever respond to any of these useful tips/advice with the direction they settled on (mystery, suspense etc) or disappear without a trace (like so many do); regardless thanks for the alternative insight(s) guys :slight_smile:


Not sure if I’m in the right place, but the subject is very close to a problem I’m having in Cubase 7.5.
Does anyone know how I could add a half beat into the 4/4 midi time structure? The bar in question ends with triplets…4 of them, which requires an extra half beat to reach the start of the next bar. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This is a different subject, ideally you should raise a new thread.

But, as a quick answer here, you can change the time signature and the bar lines to the right will move. Change the bar that needs to be longer to 9/8 and then the bar after back to 4/4. This will add a 1/2 beat.

Or, another way would be to change the bar to 3/4 and then the next bar to 3/8 and then the next back to 4/4. Achieves the same thing because the beats add up to the same number, but this might be better for your click pattern.

And if you don’t know how to change time signatures then best to read the manual. You can edit them in the Tempo window (which I think is ctrl-T by default or Project->Tempo menu item), towards the top of the window. Pencil to add a new 4/4 time signature which you then edit, or double click to edit existing entry. You could also add a Signature Track and edit them direct in the timeline.