Need to always adjust volume control in media bay rack

Uses Cubase 8.5 om Mac i7 Yosemite.
Someone more than me that need to always adjust volume control when trying out sounds in Mediabay rack? Irritating. I like this way in trying out sounds, it’s also a bit too slow but I guess it takes some time to load new sounds.

Any solution or workaround?


What kind of sound do you try? HALion Sonic SE patches? How do you need to adjust it? Increase only, or decrease only or both? Does the volume slider changes?

It’s valid for all kind of samples, like HALion Sonic SE patches. I change the Preview level slider to a low value but when I have changed to a new sound I need to adjust it again. Irritating


I cannot reproduce it here on my system. It works as expected (Cubase 8.5, Mac OS X 10.11).