Need to Change Tracks with my Controller

I am trying to jump track to track by using my controller.When playing live i have 6 different Vst instruments that i use and i would like to know if anyway i can program my midi controller to jump from one track to another by pushing a button on my controller.

Track 1 piano
Track 2 Brass section
Track 3 Streings

Thank you

You have two options to bind your remote controller to:

File > Key Commands > Project > Select Track: Next/Prev


File > Preferences > Editing > Use Up/Down Navigation Commands for Selecting Tracks only

You could also arm (set to record/monitor) all of the tracks and change MIDI channels on your Controller.

For this to work, you’d also need to set up a "Local Input Transformer" for each track to filter out all MIDI channels but the those intended to drive the track(s).