Need to copy my own presets from C6 32bit to C6 64bit

In the process of moving from C6 32bit to C6 64bit.
I have hundreds of self made presets for various VST2 VSTs and VSTis.
Just copying the preset folder content from C6 32bit to C6 64bit, does not do the trick !
Tried several MediaBay rescans.

As it seems the 64bit versions of the VST2 plugins have a different ID ?!
( The plugin names are the same )
BUT, 32bit projects load correctly in C6 64bit.

Anyone found a way to transfer VST2 presets from 32bit to 64bit ?


well i never move my own vstpresets (user/documents/vst3 preset) & working fine here let say between moog modular x86 & moog modular x64 ! vst2 & vst3 of the same plugin have different ID !

Yep, correct.
As I have a parallel C6 64bit install, I thought it would be sufficient, to copy the settings folder.
Didn’t remember, that all vst2 plugin presets are now in the vst3 preset folder …

And I had to manually point mediabay to that folder (user/documents/vst3 preset),
as I have restricted it’s scan to a few selected folders.

Now everything works as expected.