Need to find a MIDI GATE with ADSR Envelope

For awhile now I’ve been using MIDI Gate to create rhythm parts out of audio sound washes. And for what it is this works great. But I’d really like to be able to control the shape of the gate with an ADSR envelope. I understand that there are controls for adjusting the attack etc. in MIDI Gate, but it is kind of clunky to use and gives less control than I want. I’ve also tried putting the Envelope Shaper after the gate to meh results.

So does anybody know of a plug-in like this?

I’ve done quick searches in both KVR and the Reaktor user library to no avail. Worse case is I could build it in Reaktor, but I hate spending time doing that - which to be honest feels like going into a basement that’s dark, damp and dank.

Polyverse Gatekeeper

Thanks a bunch, I’ll check them out.