Need to find a new company to host my domains

Hi all. The company I am with now is trying to blackmail me (long story), and I need to find another web hosting company. I am in the USA. Not godaddy, nor any other service that is that big. Who do you guys use?

Thanks in advance.

Stay away from 1 & 1 or powweb. Now I actually host my sites from home using a Synology NAS box.


Awesome speeds

I have a Synology and it’s great. Supports DDNS so you can register at some place like to have it redirect a domain name to your NAS.

I use GoDaddy and am pleased with their service. Zero complaints. So I am very glad to read that you don’t want to use them. Otherwise your GINORMOUS inter web footprint will probably soak up every iota of bandwidth and ruin it for me. :wink:

To host your own domains you need a static IP address.

Hi, Jeff.

I’ve used since around 2000, after having some less than stellar experiences with other companies. They have a wide offering but probably the shared hosting would be fine for you, which is $10 a month.

They’re located in Florida and all their tech support people are in the US, so I’ve had no communication difficulties. Their uptime has also been extremely reliable over the years. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.