Need to Find Missing Files

OK. I was stupid. Really stupid.

I’m using Cubase LE, and thought I was moving some inconsequential audio files, and I accidentally moved the drum and guitar parts to a song.

The “Find Missing Files” dialog box opened, and I was able to search one folder on my HD, but once Cubase scanned that folder (and didn’t find the missing files there) the dialog window closed, and I couldn’t open it again, to search another folder.

Is there a way to “reactive” the “Find Missing Files” dialog window “manually”, to search other folders? (And the bonus question, for all the marbles): once I am able to search another folder, is there a way to easily FIND my missing files?

(I haven’t been able to restore my computer to an earlier date, so I’m hoping there’s another solution.)

I feel like a serious idiot. I won’t ever move any audio files again, it I hope this mistake can be fixed.