Need to hire a programmer

I’m changing over from a Kronos to a laptop with a light controller keyboard to perform with.

I need to hire a programmer to do patches. They don’t seem difficult for a programmer to do, but I’m not a programmer and have no time to do it myself. A big example of the programming is the sounds in “Spaceship Superstar” by Prism. I’m doing shows with the singer/guitar player from Prism (he wrote and sang many of the their hits, but not “Spaceship”). The sounds I use in the show using my Kronos are almost as good or sometimes better than the original (1970’s to 1980’s synths). But the Kronos has terrible B3 so I have to lug the heavy Kronos 88 + a Nord Stage 3 with waterfall keys for B3. Plus my guitar gear and my keytar. I’d like to pare down to one 15lb controller (my Numa compact 2x) and laptop, which can replace both the 55lb Kronos and 25lb Nord and makes my setup easy.

I’m happy to pay someone to do it. I’m not looking for a cheap deal, I don’t mind paying fairly, but I need quality. The sounds I generally use are good enough to do a stadium gig and have people not know the difference from the original.

I purchased Arturia Collection 6, so I’d like programming done with this collection. If the only programmer I find uses Omnisphere or something else, I could purchase that. Most of the programming would be finding a similar sound, and doing some tweaking. Perhaps even just finding a stock sound that fits the bill.

This can be an ongoing arrangement. I work with other artists, and have sounds programmed in my Kronos from all of them. I’ll need computer versions of everything I do.

Good opportunity for the right person…