Need to make quick dec. on AD converter ur816 vs Ur824

I want to buy one of these today which one should I go based on sound quality. I’ve seen some post that made me question. Thank you. Also I would like to know if I can track with these DSp fx even if I’m not using cubase. Thanks!!!

Hi Floss. If you’re wondering about the “Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip” DSP on the “CSX” unit, I’m not sure because I don’t have a “CSX”, just an “X” unit. But, the REV-X is on-board and can be activated before reaching the DAW. The UR unit is a USB interface. It does come with the “Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip” DSP at the price of a MR816X unit. So, that is a good thing. USB can be ‘buggy’ though, especially if you have alot of USB devices plugged in as well.
There is alot of discussion on the forum about both units (good and bad). I love my MR unit. Quality of pre-amps is excellent and most people will agree. But, there are criticisms (e.g. direct monitoring of other units when daisy-chaining more than two units). However, that may not be a big issue for you. Read about both on the forum. Do a search. Hope that helps a bit. Ed

Thanks i went with MR816 CSX, i wanted to free up a usb slot… I just liked the build of the 816 vs ur824

Start with some simple testing to make sure all your ins and working. Check all the “outs”. Then, introduce it to your DAW software. Really get to know it before taking on a big project that’s going to make lots of demands of the unit. You’ll read alot of “why isn’t this/that working properly??” and it turns out to be something they’re overlooking or the problem resides in something else. Make sure you’re aware of the Hi-Z instruments going into it and whether or not you’re using DI boxes.
Anyway, I could be saying things you already know. All the best… and use some nice acoustic instruments and vocals (with a decent mic of course) to really appreciate the pre’s. Ed

Thanks! guys do you know how to record with the reverb monitor… I want it to print what im hearing and unfortuately its not printing in PT