Need to move MP3 Encoder to Soft eLicencer

Here’s something I hope Steinberg staff can help with.

I have a 27" iMac which runs Cubase Elements 6 and a USB eLicencer dongle. No problems. It has access for CE6 and the MP3 encoder I purchased 5 years ago.

I’ve since bought a 21" Mac and another copy of CE6 (which doesn’t come with a dongle) and utilises the soft eLicencer. I’ve got authorisation for CE6 on the soft eLC but since purchasing another MP3 encoding licence to use on this new computer, the eLicencer Control Centre won’t allow me to download it to the soft eLicencer. I’ve then put the dongle onto the new computer to see if it’d work, and let it load the licence on.

The result ? I now have 2 x MP3 encoding licences on the dongle, and none on the soft eLicencer.

Short of purchasing a USB dongle (which’ll cost more) - how can I get the new MP3 licence onto the soft eLicencer ? I’m sure it’s not impossible.

Can’t you simply retrieve another code from MySteinberg and then add the license to your soft elicenser?

I’ve tried reactivation but it knows I’ve put the new license on the dongle and can’t use it. If I use the elicencer it still doesn’t allow me to put it on the soft elicencer either (has a cross through its icon).

I don’t want to believe I’ve wasted $20 for nothing.


make a support ticket. Or buy another ubsdongle wherwe you can transfer your second mp3 license to.

Greetz Bassbase

The only support ticket I can create is with my local distributor (Yamaha) - but i’m preferring to contact Steinberg direct, if you know how I can (I’m in Australia).

Support Worldwide

In all other countries that are not listed above, please contact our distributors. Those companies represent Steinberg Media Technologies in that region and can be contacted by dealers and end customers likewise. If you need support for a Steinberg product a registration is required here as well!

Sad but true down under isn’t listed.

Best wishes

Greetz Bassbase

Problem solved (after partial help from Yamaha) - I needed a dongle to put the second MP3 licence onto and also Cubase Element 6…so I got one today from the only distributor in Melbourne and dragged the licences to my new Steinberg Key - and voila !

Yeah down under is up and happy again Let their be music :wink:

Greetz Bassbase