Need to perform cubase projects live, help!


Amongst other styles, i produce dance music with Cubase. Have been a long time user (currently using 7.5), but never had to perform in a live setting. :confused:

I’ve been asked to do a live set during Mysteryland, one of Holland’s biggest dance festivals. But i don’t have a clue about how i should get my live act together. :astonished:

I’m wondering if there are any users who produce their music with Cubase and need to perform live. Are there users who combine for example Cubase and Ableton?

If so, i’m really really excited to hear how you guys do this.
I hope you can help, other suggestions are also welcome of course.
Thanks! :smiley:

I have live setup on 2 PC’s:
1st - Cubase7 x64
2nd - Ableton Live 8 x32

Live tools fro Cubase:

  1. You can use “The arranger track” to perform live via “next” and “previous” commands.
  2. Use only VST3 FX to save CPU if you have a lot of tracks/busses or just freeze to save RAM

Synchronization via MIDI clock:
Master - Cubase
Slave - Live