Need to push F3 twice to open MixConsole after minimize

Hi, maybe this is intended but here it goes :
I’m working with 2 monitors (left for MixConsole, right for main sequencer). When I minimize the MixConsole window (for example to drag/drop a file from my left desktop to the sequencer window) to my taskbar, I have to push F3 twice to make the MixConsole come up again.
This does NOT happen when I close the window instead of minimizing it.

Steps :

  • Have 2 monitors with MixConsole and Sequencer full screen, one left, one right
  • Minimize MixConsole window to task bar
  • Push F3 (nothing happens), Push F3 again > MixConsole goes back up.

Again, not sure if this is intended but I don’t remember noticing this behaviour before Pro 9

Windows 10
Cubase Pro 9.0.10