Need to re-install 6 and up to 6.0.3

I purchased the update to 6.5, but it is acting too weird. How can I re-install version 6, and still get it to work with my license on the dongle?

I’ve got some work to do over the weekend and I want to get back to a stable copy of the program.

How can I do this over the weekend, as no one in support will be in til Monday.


Your License is good for versions up to 6.5. Just uninstall 6.5 and reinstall 6.0 and your license will work fine.

Aloha s,
I too got the 6.5 update but have yet to install it because of posts
like yours.

Perhaps if you get some time (and maybe in another thread)
could you post in a bit more detail about this C6.5 ‘weirdness’


I looked for an un-install on the installer and there isnt one.

Do you mean just “trash” the 6.5 and preferences and then install 6.0 and update?

Open windows control panel/programs & features (or add remove programs on older windows) then make sure show updates is ticked.
Then you can uninstall version 6.5…rolling you back to whatever you were running before updating.

EDIT…sorry, just noticed your on Mac from your sig! No idea how you uninstall in that case :blush:

Cubase on the Mac does leave files in several places
(ex. ‘Application Support Folder’ in both ~home and root etc)

but if you as you said:

“trash” the 6.5 and preferences and then install 6.0 and update?"

you should be good to go.