Need to re-install Halion 6 and Sonic 3

My content did not download properly and I am getting the “some audio files are missing, check installation” error message. Do I need to “un-install” first before I download the content again? Should I just download the content or completely reinstall Halion 6 and Sonic 3?

I know others have had this error message and got it fixed eventually so I am hoping to learn from thier experience as to what exactly to do.


No need to uninstall, and the content is completely separate from the application, so just downloading the content would be the thing to do.

Note also that, depending on your settings in the download assistant, the downloaded files might still be on your disk. I use a separate disk for downloads, and I leave the downloaded files there. Simply double-clicking on one of the files in the downloaded content will start the Steinberg Library Manager, which does the actual moving /copying and registering with the Mediabay database.

Thanks, it worked!