Need to Reactivate Cubase 7.5

Could anyone help me to reactivate and run Cubase 7.5 please?

I made the mistake of upgrading to 8 and found all of my orchestral and heavily multed projects to be unplayable at any settings. This “upgrade” for me has been a horrible sham and a waste of time. I’ve already written Steinberg and asked for a refund just hours after purchase, I can’t believe they can call something that hogs even more processing power than 7.5 to be an upgrade.

Any kind of help would be massively appreciated.

There is no need to, nor a such pocedure as, “reactivate Cubase 7.5”

Simply launch Cubase 7.5 instead of Cubase 8.

Did you uninstall 7.5? Updating to 8 does not automatically uninstall 7.5. Generally folks don’t uninstall the previous version until they have tested the new version for quite a while.

Thanks for the quick responses everybody, I’m very grateful.

I’m so happy, I uninstalled that ridiculous update, reinstalled 7.5, and all my multitrack/orchestral projects are running WAAAAYYYYY better!
Yay, goodbye Cubase 8!

Hope I get a refund (I asked nicely).

I’ll upgrade when there’s an actual improvement that benefits what I do. This one had nothing for me, I regret I didn’t demo it first since I wasted three hours on 8 for nothing.