Need to reset asio every time I start Cubase 7

every time I start Cubase 7, no matter if new or old project, there is no sound at all. I only use a VSTi.
I have to go to Device Setup - Asio - and press the Reset button. After this is everything all right, and I can hear the sound from VSTi again.

This is not really a big problem, cause I can solve it. Only it is little bit uncomfortable and of course I wonder, what causes such a behavior of Cubase.

Thank you for your answer.


Hi and welcome,

What Audio Device (ASIO driver) do you use, please?

I use ESI ESP1010e with 2.0 Asio support.


Do you have the latest update of the driver? Did you try older driver? With ESI, I have an experience, the drivers are very unstable. Some versions are OK, but some are just not possible to use at all.

I would expect, this is on the driver side.

Hello, thank you for your answer

Yes, you are right, ESI drivers are very unstable and full of errors. But whole the time, it works well with Cubase. Of course, I tried to reinstall drivers, but with no success.

But I realized, that under the Device Setup menu where you choose correct Asio driver, now I suddenly have Guitar rig mobile I/O. When I go back in time, maybe…yes…Cubase could has this strange behavior since I install Guitar rig. So my question is, it is possible to delete this Guitar Rig “asio” drivers? and where?

Thank you


If you are on Windows, you should be able to use common uninstall process.

I have the same problem with the same driver ESI ESP1010e under cubase 9.5. Did you find any solution ?