Need to see folder content

Don’t know if this has been covered already in the long discussion about WL7, unfamiliar GUI troubles etc. but:

I’d really like to see what’s in my folders already while choosing destination folders within Wavelab!

Especially with large projects/stuff done a while ago/different file versions it would be helpful to see folders content clearly at the first glance. Seeing what’s already there makes consistent, reasonable naming much easier - would helps avoiding confusion.
Looking at visually empty subfolders is not sufficient - for me. For other’s it might be. Really would appreciate an option to have it in windows-explorer-style! Any chance?

If I understand your query, this is already possible in 2 ways:

  1. click on that button:
    or call that function to open the standard selector.

These screenshots have been taken from the Render dialog, but the same thing is possible in various places, eg. Savr as…

Thanks a lot, Philippe! I’ve overlooked this completely.

Was just watching through all possible options last night (workspace preferences etc.) to find something - which gave me a new feeling of how flexible you made the mighty Wavelab, it can do much more than I need :sunglasses: