Need to split a song to insert a new section

Hi Folks -

I want to take an existing song, and insert 8 bars of new music in the middle of it. Should I just do “Insert Silence” at the split? Or is there a better way?

Thanks much!

Does that do what you want…?

Seems appropriate that I say something :laughing:

Why dont you try it and find out.

Use insert bars if automation or tempo changes are in the project rftm.


Yes, I have yet to try it - I read about it in the forum and manual, I will get to use my DAW this wknd I hope, and am hoping to get some hints from folks who have gone down this road before. I only get about 2 hrs a week in front of Cubase, so anything time-saving tips like this are like gold, and much appreciated.

Thanks -


Thanks Hippo for the “Insert Bars” suggestion instead - I think I was posting just as you did yours, and missed your reply earlier.

[Edit}: 1AM - tried it out - perfect - thanks again!

OK, what was said here and what happened? :confused:

Does ‘rftm’ translate to ‘rtfm’, as in ‘read the…’?

And then did Alexis split his track, open it up for eight bars, and then import the new 8 bars of music and insert it? Or is there some other automatic method/way that I am missing?

Hi Mr. Roos - yes, what I did was (via the Tempo track editor) split the track open using the “Insert Bars” from the top menu - the dialogue was pretty easy to understand. I filled the extra bars with duplicate MIDI parts from elsewhere in the track. The new bars kept the tempo from the end of the lefthand part of the split.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

OK, roger this. Did you also understand ‘rftm’ to mean ‘read from the manual’? Or something similar? Not extending anything humorous, just wondering if I missed an abbreviation for some process within Cubase. I guess there’s humor in the forum but on the other hand, its a fairly serious place most of the time. :smiley:

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