Need to update from Cubase 6...

Before I buy something on-line I want to know if it is possible to buy Cubase 10 (not 10.5) via Steinberg. I am running Windows 7-64 with a Fireface 800 and do not want the headaches of Windows 10 or updating hardware.

My Steinberg account has no option for this so if I can’t get it here I’ll go to some on-line re-seller that still has inventory. Thanks for your help in this…



  1. 10.5 is available only, you will have to find a vender who still has 10 if that is what you want

  2. You need to check the system requirements for 10 for WINDOWS so you don’t F yourself

If the price is the same, buy the update to 10.5. You can still download and install 10 (or 9, 9.5, etc…) with a 10.5 license and you will save on future updates. A new activation to 10 will grace period update to 10.5 anyway so don’t worry about whether the license is 10.5.

Guys: I do NOT want to go to Windows 10… which is why I do not want Cubase 10.5. I’m specifically looking for Cubase 10 to work in Windows 7-64 where my RME Fireface will continue to work pseudo-reliably.

If I can’t get it from Steinberg - that’s fine - There are some brand new packages of 10 available on-line.

Jaslan: that might be the best advice of all (purchase 10.5, but then download 10 and install that instead.) I guess this makes me nervous because, after being disconnected from the community for the past 5 years (and still running version 6) I have no idea if this will work… and once I go down this path… yea: I could be screwed if it does not work.

Thanks for everyone’s help on this… appreciate it.

I was just was looking at the download pages… and indeed there is a version 10 Update package. Can this be installed directly over a version 6 installation - or do I have to download and install 7, 8 and 9 first?

If I have to install 4 versions over 6 - is it even advisable? (i.e.: safer and more secure to install 10 from scratch as a separate but FULL install)?

Finally: Does My Steinberg account have a link to the on-line store? Weird - I though it did. (Guess I’m confused with my NI account.)