Need urgent help reactivating Cubase!

I need urgent help reactivating my licenses. The activation manager thinks I have Cubase installed on three systems, or maybe it thinks I changed my computer. I don’t know but I just can’t open the thing and finish off a project that I had to finish and send.

I don’t know but I’m already missing the immediacy of USB dongle type of licenses, even though I hated them prior to this incident.

It’s pretty important to read the docs when a big change like this one happened, sorry to mention it.

You’ll have to contact support to release the licenses back to your account.

I think you can use a trial license though, but tbh, I haven’t tried it.

I didn’t understand your first paragraph. I am contacting the support, but as I said, it is urgent so wanted to try my luck here.

Same thing happened to me before, on another machine based license. I have to check the source of the problem. Somehow, my computer is being registered as being a different machine, I suppose. But in that case, I could easily revoke my licenses online and activate again immediately. Steinberg needs to upgrade this system soon.