Need urgently to submit a ticket for deactivation

I have no access to a laptop that I activated Cubase & Dorico and I am trying to submit a ticket for deactivation with no success. I reach only the distributors list. Is there a way to contact Steinberg for that purpose?

You can create a support ticket after logging into MySteinberg. It can take several days to get an answer, though. If it’s urgent, it might be faster to directly contact one of the Steinberg employees active in this forum.

It is not possible to create a support ticket. I only get a distributors list. Am I doing something wrong?


Write your local Steinberg support then.

How can a distributor deactivate a licence?


As a local Steinberg support, they have limited (but still some) access to some systems.

Thank you.
I will try to contact my local reseller.
But to be honest, it seems so weird to me that it’s not possible to manage on your own the deactivations of a product that you are the only owner.

This is a side-effect of what customers asked for. When Steinberg Licensing was first announced, the intention was for licences to be refreshed monthly, meaning that licenced computers would periodically contact the licence server. Following multiple requests, Steinberg changed this to issuing a perpetual licence. This means that there is no guarantee that activated computers will contact the server or that issued licences will time out.

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