needing to align bars in different systems

Hello friends,

I’m working on a bit of an unusual piece and I have reserved the lower system for the notation of Tape processing and live electronics.

as such I did not have time signature in the bottom system. However, now when I put system break in other sections all bars go out of alignment. please see attached 2 screenshots. any help would be massively appreciated.



What do you want it to display? You’re dealing with different lengths of bars…

You should set the bottom staves to a time signature and hide it, which will adjust the length of your bars.

ok Thanks, I guess I will have to do that which will force me to readjust all the previous graphic frames. I thought for bars that don’t have time signatures I would be able to move Bar lines more freely in Engrave mode.

On another note, it would be really amazing to have an option to lock a graphic frame to a specific bar number and location so that when you do edits before or after the graphic frames don’t just stay in an arbitrary position

Barlines in Dorico are certainly flexible, but they are always semantic, not purely graphical. So staves require some sort of specific duration for each barline.

Your second image would indicate that those staves DO have a time signature: 4/4.