Negative Automation Latency with Real Time Pitch Shifters?!

Hi all

I’m having sync issues with real-time pitch shifting plugins. When automating the pitch, the automation is out of sync. Specifically, the cubase is reading the automation nodes early.

Example one, using Waves Soundshifter: As you can see via the track automation, the pitch should jump up at the start of each bar. However, the pitch is actually jumping up almost a 16th note before each bar. The same issue happens with Zplane Elastique pitch.

Example two, using FX Modulator: I’ve drawn in the same modulation curve as the previous example, only within the plugin rather than with track automation. The same issue occurs - the pitch jumps up and returns to the start of the cycle almost a 16th note early.

The audio itself plays back in sync. It is only the automation that is out of sync.

Anybody experienced a similar issue, or have any suggestions for a fix?

Thanks in advance!

Mac Studio, M1 Ultra
Cubase 13.0.3