Negative latency on recorded midi notes

I’ve a strange problem with negative latency on recorded midi notes.
My hardware is “AKIA LPK25 Wireless” keyboard, connected via bluetooth midi to a Macbook air (CPU 1.4 GHz i5, 4GB).
I’m using Cubase Elements 9.5.10.

When I playing on the midi-keyboard, and let the computer play the sound throught any VST instruments, I cannot hear any noticeable delay or anything (even when I play it with other recorded tracks).
(the CPU performance indicator (Audio processing load), is not showing any problem).
But often after I’ve record some midi tracks, I start to get a negative delay on the recorded track. The tones seems to been hit before they actually was strocked.
It can be up to 1 sec, so its very clearly something is wrong.
(During the recording, I can’t notice any problem in the monitoring that something is problem).

I’ve also noticed, when I record and take a chord with several tones simultaneously, the recorded notes appears as one note followed of a timelap between 0.2-1 sec, then comes the other notes. It seems the first recorded note, get the system to hang.
I can’t figur it out whats the problem.

I’ve test to turn on/off Constrain Delay Compensation
Tried to turn on/off Asio-Guard
Tried to turn on/off Adjust for Record Latency.
Switching Timecode source between Internal Timecode and VST System Link

I’m lost…

Has someone seen this problem and found a solution ?

I have encountered the same problem on MacOS and Cubase 10.5 Pro.
I have also tested using the on-screen keyboard to rule out the possibility of the midi device causing problems.

I’m lost as well and I do not get an answer from Steinberg in the MySupport section.

Have you found a solution and if yes, what was it?