Negative time walues between tracks


I’m new to WaveLab. I have a WL 9LE licence but never used it and now it went obsolete so I am trying the new v11.

I have two tracks that are connected by a rain sound and I wanted to do a seamless transition between them but I want that rain to run as a negative time value on a CD, so the zero hits when the second track starts. Could anyone help me with it, please? I’m trying to figure it out but to be honest I don’t even know where to start… :sweat_smile:
Is it even possible in Wave Lab? I used to do it in Nero, but that software doesn’t work on new Windows for me as well…
I’m currently testing WL Pro but probably will end up with Elements if testing is successful.


It’s possible in WaveLab Pro. There are some pretty serious limitations in WaveLab Elements in this area so be careful with your plan of using Elements if testing is successful in Pro.

I can’t speak to all the differences but there are big differences in how CD Track boundaries are handled and how CD Tracks are defined between Elements and Pro.

Thanks Justin

So if it is possible, then how to do it?
I worked out the CD start/end markers and the Splice ones as well but that only separates the tracks.
I still don’t know how to make the negative value transitions.


I can’t speak 100% about Elements but my point was, to expect some possible limitations in this area with Elements.

In WaveLab, I normally always use CD Track Splice Markers but if you want to do the classic negative time, you need to create a CD Track End Marker, followed by a CD Track Start marker and then of course anything between the two markers will be considered negative time.

You can see this in my attached file although maybe it’s a WaveLab bug that it shows negative 8 min 3 seconds instead of just negative 3 seconds but I’d have to look closer.

Either way, this is how it’s done and of course, when you render your master WAV files of each song for digital distribution you can decide if the negative time/pause is included at the start or end of each file. If you don’t choose an option, that time is omitted from the WAV renders which would be bad.

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Ahhh… That’s brilliant thank you. :smiling_face:
I still have couple of weeks left on the Pro version. Maybe I’ll aim higher than Elements :wink:

Highly recommend if you do mastering work on a regular basis.