Neither FET 76 comp or rev plate work

Hi neither FET 76 comp or rev plate effects work. The colourful circle just goes round and round and then it goes back to before I tried to add the effect.
Using 2019 MacBook Pro.
Can anyone help ?

I guess you talk about 3rd party plugins?
So why not ask this question at the support from the plugin vendor?

No I’m not talking about 3rd party plugins. They are Cubase plugins that’s why I am asking a Steinberg page.

I am talking about Cubase plugins effects not 3rd party.
I want to use all the ones in dynamics and reverb for example but at least 2 of them don’t work and the computer freezes.

FET 76?
rev plate


Those sound like Arturia plugins?

If they are you need to have Arturia’s Software Center installed, have an Arturia acount and the plugins need to be licensed:

I was expecting that… but wasn’t sure if he is referring to different things.

The Arturia plugins have a long start time on my system, it takes around 5 seconds to have the GUI open after start up. Maybe the detailed graphics are responsible for higher start up times than other plugins.
And perhaps this is the reason for his problems.

Comp FET76 is no Cubase native plugin… it’s from Arturia.

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The number of times I tried to hit play on that picture is worrying

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hmm, I feel you…

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Yes you are right. I had an arturia thing that I took back but I thought I deleted all the stuff from it.
Do you know how I get rid of these arturia plugins ?
Also is there a list of the plugins and effects I should get with Cubase 11 ?

Oops sorry. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry about that I was totally wrong. They are Arturia but I didn’t expect them to be as I got rid of the arturia and only used it about once.
I have universal audio plugins but they are in the powered plugin department I didn’t expect effects from other old audio interfaces to be on Cubase.