Nek 5.5 install question

The NEK 5.5 upgrade comes in 2 downloaded .dmg files. (this is regarding OSX).

Well, I downloaded and installed the Nuendo 5.5 upgrade.
Then I downloaded both part of the NEK5.5. I launched the first one and it seems to indicate the entire Nek5.5 update is complete. Is it?

Do I have to open and run the NEK 5.5 part 2 installer, or was it installed just by running the installer found in part 1?

I just want to confirm I have the entire NEK5.5 installed, and also don’t want to mess the installer up by running it a 2nd time if its not needed.


Running the installer will unzip both files.


Ok cool.

When I opened the .dmg files, both part one and two had an installer so I wondered if they both needed to be run.

It sounds like your saying, if you run either installer then both parts are installed- correct?

There is only one .exe file.
you should have 2 files for the NEK -
Running the EXE will cause the entire package to get unzipped/rarred and extracted to a temporary folder for installation. These temp files will be removed automatically after installation too - but the folder will be left behind for some reason.