NEK 5 Will Not Install...

Hi -

I am running Nunedo 5.5 64Bit on a Windows 7Pro 64bit machine.

I purchased NEK 5 from the Steinberg Online Shop and just recently received it. When trying to install, I am getting the error message “Cannot find an installation of Nuendo 5.” So, this is perplexing because the NEK will not install but all the VSTis do.

Then, when launching Nuendo and loading a synth such as Mystic, everything works cool. But, when I launch say Groove Agent, I get the error " a valid license is not available." I did enter the activation code that came with my boxed version of NEK and it shows in my e-Licenser and on MySteinberg.

Additionally, and I assume because the NEK did not install, none of the additional editors are available (i.e. Score, Drums, etc)

I have installed and uninstalled…
I have downloaded the NEK 5.5 and tried that. While I do not get the “Cannot find an installation of Nuendo 5” error, I still have all of the other problems.

I appreciate any help in getting me up and running.


I think you need to activate the NEK license on your elicenser then download the Nuendo 5.5 nek update and install that.

I am guessing you do not have Nuendo 5.0 installed?