Nuendo is very expensive,

Aloha H,

Couple of POV’s here.

1-As a personal purchase; it may not be very expensive at all.
It all depends on how much personal $$ a user has to spend.

2-As a business purchase; just pass the cost on to your customers.

As a business purchase NEK is not expensive IMO. It’s more the principal of getting it all when buying the flagship.
Nuendo may or may not be expensive, regarding what you are comparing aginst.

At least the NEK should be “opened up” in Nuendo to users holding both a Cubase and a Nuendo license. A no-brainer as I see it.

I would welcome a survey from Steinberg to all NEK users to understand which elements of NEK are actually used.

For me I use everything that gets baked into the DAW when you have the NEK license: VST expression, List Editor, Score Editor, Chord Track and its tools, Hermode tuning, Drum Editor, (and in the upcoming 6.5 release: Instrument (T)rack 2.0).

I’d like to see these simply as part of Nuendo.

The VST instruments that are part of NEK: LoopMash, Beat Designer, Padshop, Retrologue, Halion Sonic SE, Prologue, Spector, Mystic, (and in the upcoming 6.5 release: Groove Agent, construction kits).

I’d happily see those as just an instrument pack, not a functionality extension. If I wanted them I would pay for them.

I see the logic of having all the instruments as a separate purchase, but not the DAW functionality bits.


even as a studio owner and/or personal user. I feel that NEK should be part of Nuendo cuts its pretty much c7 with the extra post prod feature set.

Paying extra for NEK isn’t cool. Those music related features should be in there standard.

You don’t pay “extra” when buying NEK. You pay less for Nuendo when you don’t need NEK…

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Last time I did the maths on the numbers provided Steinberg could have made more money by getting rid of the NEK “add-on” and just including features while at the same time even lowering the price of Nuendo.

There is simply no good reason at all for having NEK. None. Period. Unless you want to tell me that a post-facility that invests in a $1700+ app can’t spare the extra cash for the NEK…?