Nekar Panorama: possible workaround?

First of all I really love the Nekar Panorama P6. This is so far the best controller for Cubase that I have used.
One thing strikes me though: the lack of being able to control the most basic parameters: the whole Pre section of the Channell settings: Pregain, Lopass, High Pass filters. Ok, it is possible to map it manually but only on a track by track basis and not globally. I always start a mix by going through every track and set those parameters and the ability to control repetetive tasks like these is what makes a controller great because you gain speed. Speeding up workflow is the main purpose for me of having a controller. That is also why I don’t use an external plugin for these tasks as cubase has it already integrated (thank You Steinberg!) I think that people most likely will use external knobs and faders if they know excactly what they are for and don’t need do check the little lcd screen first how the mapping is layed out. That is why I think integration starts here: with the simple, repetetive tasks, that You do on every mix or project and not necessarily with the amount of VI and plugins that have beed mapped.
Did any Panorama user find a way to map these functions in a more automated way? (then just manually assigning quick controls on a track by track basis, from project to project) Maybe I overlooked some details in the manual?
Thank You


I’m not Panorama user, but you mentioned QuickControls. In Cubase, you can save your QuickControls preset. And also the QuickControls settings is part of the Track preset. So you could store this with your favourite settings and then just load it for every single tracks.