Nektar P1 and Behringer X Touch One

10.5 Pro using both a Nektar P1 as well as a Behringer X Touch one (single fader).

They both work… very well. Lots of flexibility between the two and each one helps to add additional features.

QUESTION. How can I get the NEKTAR to stay in INSTRUMENT CONTROL of a VSTi if I use the X Touch to select a different track, or VICE VERSA?

I wish to be able to edit a VSTi on the P1 that is on, say… track 7, but then use the Behringer to edit separately a different channel. What is happening now is if I’m editing VSTi with the P1 and then go do a different track with the Xtouch, it “follows” it.

Perhaps what I wish to do is not possible, to work on separate tracks at the same time.


If the P1 control is linked with the selected track (what I expect), you cannot do this. You would need to hard-link it to a specific track (actually track slot) by using Generic Remote Device instead.