Nektar P1 sysex

Hi has anyone managed to dump and reload panorama p1 sysex in cubase I seem to record ok but cant play it back into p1. It all works fine if I use midi ox but I should be able to do this in cubase Thanx for looking Mal


What’s wrong, when you send the data back to Nektar?

Make sure your Cubase doesn’t filter SysEx out, while playback. You can set it up in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter. If the item is enabled, it means the data is filter out. Disable the filter option for SysEx.

Hi Martin I have set all filters and data is recorded properly (if i save midi file and then load t into midi ox and then send it loads into p1 fine ) But when I simply play back the file in cubase p1 sees it and says loading but it loads in too quickly when compared to midi ox sysex load time and when checked it has ignored or rejected the data and old settings remain


So the SysEx data is sent back to the P1, while playback, right? But some message appears, right? Could you please send the message exactly?

Maybe you can just slowdown the tempo of the project, while playback. Could this help?

Yes its definitly a timing issue I have tried various sysex dump programs and I have to delay the output on some of them to get them to work .I have sent Tim from nektar the details . What is the lowest tempo cubase will play back at ? many thanks Mal

1 BPM. :wink:

I’ll put the kettle on this could take a while

Bizarre if I drop the tempo to 7 bpm then it works any higher fails