Nektar P6 MIDI notes double triggering

I recently got a Nektar P6 midi controller but haven’t really had a chance to use it until a couple of days ago when i noticed some strange things happening when recording midi from it… on investigating i found that each note i play into it records twice.

I’ve set it up exactly as per the installation guide, double and triple checked it, had a look through its global settings for anything like ‘local on/off’ (which i wouldn’t expect anyway as there are no onboard sounds, it’s just a controller).
Tried pretty much every concievable combination of switching on/off midi ports but i’m stuck.

Have put a support ticket in with Nektar but meanwhile wondered if anyone on here might have any ideas?

I do have another usb midi controller and there appear to be no issues with it after just checking… this is with C8.5.15

Maybe this can assist… :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

HI Prock and thanks for the rapid reply!

Ah, unfortunately i’ve tried all of that already with no success, had a look at some of the threads linked to it and it seems to be a problem for others with other controllers too…
The strange thing is the other usb controller i have works just fine though… am just about to test it with earlier versions of cubase to see if i occurs with them too.

ooookkkkk… after another hour of loading C8 and waiting for the plugin scan because i’ve not used it for so long and checking the settings in there too… it worked just fine in C8… so i took screen shots of all the relevant settings, quit c8 and reopened c8.5, checked the settings in there… exactly the same, thought i might as well give it a go and it worked!!! WEIRD!

So somehow running it in C8 seems to have fixed the issue… not complaining, i would just like to know how the heck?