Nektar Panorama P4 Controller & Cubase

Must do an refresh for critics. Working with the P6 since 2 months now. Yes they are some issues with the device. The Documentation is ok. Out of the box and for installing…enough is enough (it was first developed for Reason, but you don´t have to read it :wink: ) You´ll get an PDF file with all Cubase funtionalities within your downloaded integration files.

The most important fact of the Panorama series is the way it will changes our workflow…less time with your eyes to the monitors, more “screwing” and information from the display. Yes sometimes their is an display issue but it´s fixed on my device by changing the track and turning back…beside all little “bugs” it´s worth the price and the “feel” for MAKING music, PLAY a synth and not starring on 32" monitors while “frickling” with the mousecoursor over “virtual” knobs…

I would give the Panorama P6 an overall 8/10.
…it´s a great controler…and beside my SL MKII and m-audio far away from all…even AKAI will have a hard fight with their “candycoloured” controller series “Advanced”… :wink:


i´ve got one question about the p6 you own, can you control the channel strip from cubase?
I can´t find it on the nektar website just the sends and inserts but not channel strip?


could be, but it sorted out my issues anyway.

Hi, I was planning to get a light weight yet powerful MIDI keyboard controller. Now since akai announced its advance keyboard, I’m in dilemma whether its a good one or p4. With bad experiences with automap for my Nocturn controller, i am having doubts on akai’s VIP wrapping the plugins. So can you confirm me that panaroma keyboard doesn’t require wrapping the plugins nor a separate additional protocol to communicate with all vsts?

Correct, Panorama’s plugin map technology works transparently through Cubase so Panorama will integrate with your existing projects and pickup the plugin parameters immediately.

The video below is focused on Panorama’s plugin technology specifically:

However, the big advantage of Panorama over other MIDI controllers is the deep control over the entire DAW - not just instrument plugins.

Hi, I encounter the same issues as described in the begining…I use Cubase 8 Pro with the Panorama P4 and when I change from one track to another the instrument view sometimes disapears and then flashes “Updating” but nothing occurs…not really stable this device…
Anybody solved this problem? If yes how?
Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Hi All,

I just wanted to share my solution on some issues I had with my lovely New P6.
I’m working under Windows 8.1 and had often the weird behaviour of a ‘non responding motorised fader’ or lost connection of the control unit as a whole.
All my usb connections go through an active hub, and I even tried to put the motorised fader usb directly in a wall mount, but to no avail!

When I set my “USB Selective Suspend” Setting, under “advanced power options”, to ‘Disabled’, all problems disappeared!! Panorama as steady as a rock. :smiley: :smiley:

This hopefully might work for the display problems too?
Anyway I think that this information can be useful for Tim Chandler :sunglasses:

(Such nice Keys… love it!!! )

This is great info Lulu, thanks!

Best bet is to log a support ticket through your Nektar account:

I can say that though I have had some issues with the P4 and Cubase 7 & 8, they seem to be fixed as of 10/29/2015.

I do agree with the original poster though I can say that some things on the website have been updated to include some more info for those who were wondering.

I won’t lie though… I wish the internal mode was a little less complicated to configure when setting up the P4 as just a basic MIDI controller without using the actual dedicated “maps” for the various DAWs. It’s not like it’s impossible but it’s not as simple (IMO) as some other controllers I’ve used.

But I must say… THE CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS AMAZING. When I had an issue with connectivity, they got back to me within about 12 hours of sending the initial request and were always very prompt, professional and HELPFUL with the issue.

It’s a bit of a learning curve for sure but this controller is by far the most advanced and useful product I’ve used besides Cubase… Not to mention the Keys on it feel great. The pads are a little stiff for my taste but more recently I’ve been getting into using the keys for drums just cause they feel so great. And when I want to do some more natural feeling snare rolls or any kind of roll or repeat, I’ve actually found that using the keys WITH the pads at the same time produce some amazing results.

I do love the motorized fader and the dedicated pages for parameters and such which has sped up my workflow quite a bit. They definitely dreamt big and have their heads in the proper place as far as creating a “dedicated” controller for the various DAWs out here. I’m sure they’ll keep updating the software side of things while figuring out where they go next in terms of a flagship controller.

I do hope that if they (Nektar) ever release an updated version or a “2nd Gen” version of the P4, that some of us early adopters would be able to do some sort of trade and upgrade to the newer one… (I KNOW, I KNOW… Wishful thinking. But a guy can dream right?? Lol)

No it doesnt look like it.

Is this for real? I just bought a P1 and I’m trying to figure out how to control the Cubase Channel strip. I know you can control the built-in EQ, but there seems to be no way to control the channel strip?

To control Cubase’s own channel strip would seem to be considered “deep integration” imo. I am a bit disappointed if that is the case, that it can’t be done - at least out of the box with Nektar’s Cubase setup.

Hi @Shmihe, recently I’v decided to give the Nektar Panorama P1 a try to get a more efficient workflow.
For your info: Lot to study, but if I understand you correctly, I have seen that the Channelstrips are working well.
See the Nektar documentation:
’ … In addition to the multi-channel control we have just covered, Panorama can control a complete Cubase mixer channel strip including EQ, Dynamics, Inserts, Sends and more for the currently selected channel. A channel is selected either by its association with a track (changing track changes the channel also) or by using the LED buttons when assigned to “Select”. You can open/close the channel strip window in Cubase by pressing [Shift]+[View].’
Regards Ton

Have you actually adjusted the “Channel Strip” (Comp/Sat/Tools/Gate/Limit) from the Panorama?

The Cubase Equalizer is nested right next to the channel strip, and IT is available for adjustment by the Panorama.

I was in recent contact with Nektar support about a separate issue, but I asked about this channel strip control - or lack of it.

“Unfortunately it’s not currently possible to access the extended channel strip through Cubase’s SDK. Once this is possible we will of course release an update.”

Yes, now I see what you meant. You’re right about that. It seems that Steinberg/Yamaha doesn’t made those parameters available in the documentation. That’s neccessairely to have control on the Channelstrip. I hope that Steinberg/Yamaha will communicate that in short time to Nektar. They could (and are willing to do so) made an update for the Impacts/Panaroma’s . I hope you agree that Panorama is pretty good at controlling almost everything else :wink: Regards Ton

I do agree, the Panorama is the best choice for me (P1 here) with Cubase and Reason, there is still more “out of the box” control and integration than with any other controller.

I have hopes that Nektar will continue to improve on an already great mix controller, but am very impressed with this as it is currently.

I recently got S1 3.5, and have only the basic midi controller integration with that -> after assigning everything/controllers from S1, then saving as an S1 template. I wish PreSonus would work with Nektar to improve this, it would be awesome if it could work as well as Cubase and Reason does with the P1/P4/P6.

Of course ‘out of the box’ control is very handy. But I also like to have control and layout designed by myself, as everyone has their own way of working. The good news about this issue is that Nektar is working on an editor for instrument plugins that will allow us to create more pages, name them and name parameters as well. The plan is that it will eventually also allow us to create effects maps too.
That would be an great app to have just more control on ‘whatever’ we like.
I hope sincerely that Steinberg will fully support these developments. The complex structure of Cubase and the workflow with keyboard and mouse is so ‘1970’ :wink:

I really liked my P1 but started getting a bug where the mixer faders would just randomly jump around, after losing several hours work several times (ruined mixes) I gave up on it. It’s now an expensive door stop.

Got a P6 but cannot get my expression pedal an m-audio EX-P to control anything in Cubase 9.5
It gets recognised by the P6 but nothing in quick control or learn anybody know ?
The manuals have not helped me either (probably my fault) but I thought I would throw it out there.
Thanks in advance.

That would be so great, its the only thing they have missing (Nektar), well that and replacing the damn sticky knobs (has anybody else experienced that with their Nektar P’s?)

My P4 loses communication with Cubase regularly - the main fader will work and then stops. There don’t seem to have been many firmware updates which is worrying. I just use it as a keyboard really.