Nektar Panorama P4 Controller & Cubase

I really liked my P1 but started getting a bug where the mixer faders would just randomly jump around, after losing several hours work several times (ruined mixes) I gave up on it. It’s now an expensive door stop.

Got a P6 but cannot get my expression pedal an m-audio EX-P to control anything in Cubase 9.5
It gets recognised by the P6 but nothing in quick control or learn anybody know ?
The manuals have not helped me either (probably my fault) but I thought I would throw it out there.
Thanks in advance.

That would be so great, its the only thing they have missing (Nektar), well that and replacing the damn sticky knobs (has anybody else experienced that with their Nektar P’s?)

My P4 loses communication with Cubase regularly - the main fader will work and then stops. There don’t seem to have been many firmware updates which is worrying. I just use it as a keyboard really.