Nektar Panorama P6 is creating two duplicate notes for every keystrike

As it says…

I’ve already done a little trouble-shooting. On the Cubase side, I have the Panorama P6 set as my only MIDI input. On the P6 side, I have double-checked that none of the zones are selected. I have powered down the keyboard and turned on again. I have exited Cubase and reloaded.

I have… run out of ideas. Thoughts?


Does the unit have Local on/off? It should be off.

I can’t find any indication that Nektar Panorama controllers Local on/off.

HOWEVER, I dug back through the Nektar for Cubase manual yet again and unchecked the In 'All MIDI box for my Audiobox controller. I’ll have to fuss with settings later when I have to use the controller for recording through a mic, but for right now it has fixed the problem.