Nektar Panorama P6


I just got the P6 in the mail today, and nothing works except for the keys and pads…
The knobs all have MIDI CC-names on them, meaning no parameters seem to be mapped.
The Mixer, Instrument and Transport buttons do nothing…
I’ve tried on several compatible VST, such as Halion 5, Serum and Predator 2.

I’ve installed the driver and the Steinberg Integration.
It shows up in Cubase as Panorama P6, with ports MIDIIN1-3 and MIDIOUT 1-3.
I’ve tried all of them. Also tried MIDIOUT2-4 in Remote Devices -> Nektar Panorama, with no luck.

I’ve contacted Nektar support as well, but I thought someone here might know…


Really sounds like a P6 problem. I don’t have it anymore, but when I did, things went quite smoothly, The Nektar people were pretty quick with replies too.

Did you press these buttons?

Have you read their troubleshooting page for Cubase?