Nektar Panorama panning glitch

The first audio channel on the left for each bank of 8… Example: channel 1, channel 9, channel 17, etc. will not pan hard left but max of L95. Neither using the Panorama P6 controller or mouse can move panner past L95. If I uninstall the Nektar dll file from the Steinberg Cubase 7.5 component folder the glitch goes away. Anyone else having this issue? Any ideas? Thanks

I will try this tomorrow and report back


So yes, I can confirm this bug. I can only get channel 1, 9, etc. to pan to L97. I can pan completely to the right no problem but not left and only on the first channel of each channel bank.

Let me know if you need to me contact Nektar to also confirm this bug. These guys are great and I am sure they will get this resolved quickly.

Good catch!

Yes please contact them. I will as well. Was just waiting to see if it was just my setup or a confirmed bug. Thanks for checking!

So Nektar support says they are aware of this bug but have no time table for a fix or whether or not it gets done in the next update. Nice. So I am not using my Panorama exept as a keyboard. Just stepped backwards ten years. 8^P

FYI there is a new Driver and Firmware update and it seems to have resolved the panning glitch and I guess some other issues. There is no info on Nektar’s website as to what have been improved/resolved but all seems good so far. I will be doing the happy dance tonight working on a new project!

I have the same problem. Do you have the driver update link? Thanks heaps for your help.

You have to go to Nektar’s website and sign into your account. Then you can get to the downloads page. Whatever the latest driver download is is the one you want. You also may have to do a firmware update depending on when your controller was last updated. It is easy enough following the instructions.

Is this fixed? Very close to buying a p6.

The latest update fixed it for me.

Thank you!