Nektar Panorama Plugin Edit Crash

Just wanted to ask anyone at Steinberg if this has been fixed since 9.5? Nektar say they have made you aware of this bug in your control surface API and it needs to be fixed on your side, this was back in 2016 too?

Here’s how to reproduce this bug, it happens with a long list of plugins but I’ll choose Brainworx/pluginalliance VSM here.

Start a blank project, create two audio tracks and insert the VSM plug on each, switch between the two tracks a few times. Then go onto the Panorama and head to the inserts page and press “edit” to edit the VSM plug on the hardware, boom, crash. Happens on all Panorama hardware.

Vertigo vsm3 demo is here to test

Also happens with these plugins too;
-pluginalliance vertigo vsc compressor
-kush pusher & clariphonic dsp mk3
-Lexicon Plugins
-PSP E27
-Softube Summit EQ + loads more from various developers

Can someone tell me if this has been fixed since Cubase 9.5?
Just happened to me again with a UAD plugin :rage: