Nektar Panorama users....

Is anyone experiencing your Panorama getting hung up on Cubase after you close Cubase?

Sometime recently (not sure exactly when) I noticed that when I exit Cubase, my Panorama will stay in whatever the last Cubase song I had open and I can’t do anything to escape and get back to default/internal mode. I have to restart the Panorama for it to get back to the default screen.

I have already contacted Nektar about this and I tried some of their suggestions but I am still having the issue. I am trying to see if this is something on my system that’s causing this or if other users are experiencing this. It’s probably something on my end that’s keeping it hung up but I want to make sure that this isn’t happening to anyone else.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Just to test:

Open a Cubase song with your Panorama open.
Close the song as well as Cubase
Is it still showing Cubase on the Panorama screen?

not happening here.

Cool, thanks.

Looks like you are on a Mac, yes?

Any PC users?

It works as it should for me. It might be an idea to open the task manager when you close down Cubase to see if the computer is still holding on to Cubase. Some users have said that when changing projects within Cubase they have had just these issues. If not get in touch with Nektar support. I have found them to be extremely helpful.

Actually I have really enjoyed using my P1 as it does what it say’s on the tin.

Awesome guys, thanks for the input

I will try to figure out what’s happening.

PC W10 nektar panorama p6 here and no problems what soever?! (Except from the fact that with the new forced upon implementation of the cubase record markers, I had to make a special macro to get the transport cycle menu up and running again :frowning:) Cubase pro 8.5 hangs more often than did the 8.0 version, especially when quitting cubase. Probably your problems have more to do with cubase than panorama :wink:

It’s strange

No problem switching from song to song in Cubase. I just can’t seem to get it out of Cubase mode once I have opened Cubase. I can even shut down Cubase and relaunch Cubase and it will pick up from there without a problem.

It just won’t let go of Cubase without a Panorama restart.

Cubase is running rock solid and I have looked to see if there is hanging up in task manager but there’s nothing related to Cubase or Nektar.

I just wish I knew exactly when the issue started but I am not sure.

Not a show stopper by any means. I have contacted Nektar but unfortunately it seems it’s something on my system. This was confirmed as well by you guys.

Ah well…

What happens if you open another DAW like reaper that has Nektar implentation?

yeah, unfortunately I don’t have another Nektar supported DAW installed.