Neo Soul Keys Demo Saving time


NSK sounds great, but every time I save a project, it takes much longer time with NSK loaded than without
NSK(Demo) loaded.
Latest Elicenser software, Cubase 7.0.0 on OSX 10.6.8

Will this be okay with the full license?


Hi there,

I wouldn’t imagine so as the demo version is essentially the full version but with a time limit (i.e. its feature set is not limited) so I wouldn’t expect it to perform any differently (but don’t quote me on this as I don’t own the full version so as to be able to talk from experience)!

There is some current discussion about sluggish performance (mainly with the GUI and start up) but this could be just that its a heavy VSTi (i.e. a demanding app to to run) I know that my own computer; although its a reasonable spec is pretty slow by current standards (i.e. as opposed to Intel i7/SSD drives and disturbing amounts of RAM etc)!

Its important to remember that its only just been released though, so perhaps a future update might improve performance somewhat! I also noticed that your signature says you are using Cubase 7.0.1, if you haven’t already you should update this to version 7.0.2 as this could improve performance also.

Regards, Kat :slight_smile: