Neo Soul Keys - slow response GUI

I really like this sound set, but I have one complaint. Some of the rotary knobs have a slow/unpredictable/choppy response while tweaking. Someone else who is familiar with this?


Same problem here. For me in particular - on the amp page, the two rotary chickenhead knobs for adjusting microphone position and microphone choices are practically unusable. Sometimes they respond and other times there is nothing I can touch or drag that will make them respond.

FWIW, Windows 8 installed new Microsoft mouse and keyboard drivers last night and this has not made any difference to the problem.


Update since installing Cubase 7.02: my impression is that the problems with controls in Neo Soul Keys may have reduced…

Hi there,

I’ve just been checking out the demo of ‘Neo Soul Keys’ and I’d certainly agree that ‘mic position pots’ are hellish to use - I always have to fight them to get them to move (its not obvious from interacting with the mouse what it is they want you to do exactly - which is a bad sign)!

As far as the GUI goes, I’ve only had a bit of a play around so I’ll keep this in mind the next time I check it out but the main thing that I recognized instantly is that when it starts up initially there is a blank screen for a while which seems odd (5+ seconds)! Instead there is just an empty Halion shell for a while - then it magically appears (see attached) so I agree there does seem to be a certain amount of sluggishness with the gui.

Whether the latter screen issue is a x64 bit version problem I’m unsure - I’m running it on Cubase 7.0.2 (windows 7 x64) but I can’t say that my computer is particularly fast though, its definitely getting long in the tooth (as am I… ha ha) :laughing:

It’s oddly reassuring to hear that other users struggle with those knobs. As I said, I think the Cubase 7.02 update may have helped me - although it may simply be that I’ve got a bit better about struggling to get them to respond.

For what it’s worth, I also have quite a long wait for the GUI to appear in all its finery. I don’t get the framework you show - I get a long wait before the full GUI comes up.


Solved! By rolling my mouse wheel when positioned over the mic position knobs, they immediately moved! Try it!