NEOLD Warble still crashing Cubase

Cubase 13.0.21 64bit2024.2.26 (2.8 MB)

I had this pretty cool plugin from Plugin Alliance, Warble, on the racks for a long time. The problem is that it crashes my Cubase.

(It has been troublesome since Cubase 12)

I looked at the dmp file and no mention of the plugin, BUT it is from me loading the plugin, and shortly after it crashes Cubase. So if there is anyone who knows what is the problem it would be nice.


The crash is not in the plug-in. Reported to Steinberg, thank you.

My fingers are crossed it gets fixed. For me, it happens just about every time I use that plugin, the only way to kinda reproduce it for me. It pops up a bunch of warning dialog boxes fill the screen, looks like a virus :smiley: and then it shuts down all of Cubase.

It works fine for me, have you updated it lately?
I know the screen you are talking about, but for me it seems to be bad for external synths - and it seems worse if the project is large. I can load Novation Ultra nova no problem on an empty project, but I have one project where it does that cascading fail every time I try…