Neon & The classics

I downloaded these from a link somewhere.

I find they work in 64 bit Cubase, but recently I’ve had to use 32 bit Cubase and one of my projects can’t find ‘Neon’

Can anyone tell me where this link was, or direct me to where I can dl neon for 32bit, cant find it on the FTP server ?

Thanks in advance :sunglasses:

It is on the ftp.

Thanks guys

Hippo thanks for the dl link,

However the neon I Have used was an updated one, perhaps updated for 64 bit I dont know, the one off the ftp doesnt behave itself in my project, it just puts out a hanging note…

I just cant recall where my version was ‘advertised’ to download, but it was at a time when steinberg staff had been working to revive old plug ins, they came in 2 packages Classics 1, and 2.

my .dll file says oct 2011?

Anyone else know?

I see my menu in Cubase 64 has them packed in folders classics 1, classics 2,

un bridged, so they have been updated for 64 bit use

stiil dissapointing the old one doesnt behave in the 32 bit version of my project