Nerve-wrecking MediaBay Anomalies

Hey Cubasists!

Uhh, not been here for quite a while…

As you know you can add filters to the search results in the MediaBay to narrow down your search.
I got the following problems.

  1. The last filter row you add isn’t deletable, which is quite annoying. Frankly, this isn’t essential, though a little “minus” sign suggests, that it’s possible, like it is in the other filter rows.

  2. The filters don’t even function in basic manner. For example if your search shows some results with some of them having empty “Tempo”-tags and some of them are filled with a value (i.e. 128) and let’s say you want to edit the tempo tags of those results that have an empty value, you would add a filter with the condition “Tempo is empty”, right? Well…doesn’t work.
    The same happens with “Key” and even manually created tags.

  3. There are other anomalies: for example in the viewer I SEE files with the exact same name just differing in the last character. So searching for “- C” works perfectly and the results are correct, but “- E” doesn’t, though I know there are potential results! It’s not even showing no results, just doing nothing…

If tagging large amounts of data, which the MediaBay system is advertised and praised for, these bugs render it quite obsolete. :confused:

Does somebody has the same problems with filtering in MediaBay?
Thx in Advance

Fat El Nino

There has been some discussion on resetting the pref. file function - allowing the database to reconstruct itself.

Without repeating what has been posted before, try doing a search for Media Bay posts - yeah I know the search requires sifting through 1000s … but to find the exact one, I’d have to do the same…go figure.

Thx clyde, we’ll do :slight_smile: