Nested macros won't save

Nested macros do not save


  1. Create two macros in Key Commands window, A and B.
  2. Put macro A inside macro B
  3. Save the configuration
  4. Try in application, nesting works.
  5. Restart Cubase and notice how macro B and A remains but B no longer contain macro A.

Expected result:
Macros nested inside macros should save properly. Or, if nesting is unsupported, should be unavailable to build.

Notes: I tried this by creating a macro that sets locators and then put this inside a macro that activates punch in mode. I solved this by just moving the stuff into one macro but it’s still a bug that you can build a nested macro you can’t save.

Version: MacOs Cubase 11.0.41

By what means exactly did you do #2? I don’t see how…

Edit the macro and from where you add functions to assign shortcuts (top panel in the dialog) you find the folder called Macros and pick it from there and assign (with add in lower panel).

Ha! I have never in all the years of using Cubase thought to have a macro within a macro!

You’re right!

Yeah. Walking on the wild side here. :grinning: