Nested projects


It would be great to be able to use “nested projects” as clips in a project.
For example :

  • you’re working on 10 tracks for an album, each in a different project
  • you create one more project for the mastering inside of which you import the individual projects from each song
  • they appear in your mastering project as clips and when you play them, their main output is read
  • if you double-clic on any of them, the corresponding project is opened and activated

I know this might be a big feature but it’s also the most useful improvement I can think of (for me anyway).

Even with restrictions like not being able to overlap more than 2 nested sequences at any given time or not being able to edit the clip at all, it would still be an amazing feature.

I’ve been working a lot with Adobe Premiere for at least 10 years and the biggest improvement I’ve ever seen was when they allowed to use After Effects projects as clips directly in the timeline in Premiere. Any change you make in an After Effects project is immediately visible in your Premiere montage and it saves you a thousand round-trips of making any change in AE, rendering, importing, and so on, and so forth…

I hope one day (not too far) I could do the same kind of thing in Cubase, my favorite DAW since Cubase 3.7 (my God, I’m old! :slight_smile: )

What you’re describing would require processing to be running in at least the project of the song you’re currently playing as well as the one you use as “master”. To smoothly jump between songs, processing running on all projects. You’d need a mighty powerful computer for that. With a typical mastering project that I run I’m already at around 50% processing.

Not saying it’s a bad idea, just pointing out that it would not be practically possible as described.

I think this would actually save cpu for big projects? Reaper has a subproject feature which renders the subproject as an audio file in the master project

If it’s rendered then it’s of course a whole different story. But rendering a complex track can take several minutes. When would the files in the master project be updated in that case?